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I am not a tobacco user, but have seen people quit smoking using products, so I know what works for them. The only thing I won't buy is cigarettes, or any other tobacco product.

You have to stop smoking before the effects of nicotine become more obvious. A quit day consists of several stages. The first stage is called "bingeing" or "titration". The addict may smoke a little each day until it seems they are "titrating". At this stage the "high" from nicotine is gone. You may be feeling a little buzz at the start, but it is really nothing more than a temporary euphoria. During this stage, the body will release a lot of endorphins, the same substance which makes you feel a lot of "pleasure" in an orgasm. This is why you feel like you are having an orgasm when you do it. However, the brain has decided that it needs a "high" to get addicted to this product. It tries to get the "high" through the brain, and to this end, the body produces an addictive substance, which is a very dangerous one. This substance causes your mind to become addicted to it. It is not the same as having a "high" on cocaine, which is really no more harmful than a buzz from a cigarette.

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